Hi I'm Sigita...

I came to UK in 1998 to continue my career in tailoring and dressmaking. I have an art degree and have always been a very creative person and enjoy painting and crafts. I love working with my hands and have always made clothes for myself, family and friends even before I started doing it for a living. I do not own a single piece of clothing that I have not made from scratch myself (yes even underwear!). 

Before moving to Southsea with my husband I worked in South London, initially as a dressmaker and then in tailoring at the "Alteration Station" in Clapham Common. My specialism is tailored garments such as suits, shirts, coats and jackets. I'm particularly skilled in the reconstruction of suit jackets. 

My favourite thing about my work is seeing peoples reactions when they pick up their clothing and they're amazed at how well it fits but are unable to see the seams where the alteration took place. I take pride in altering without leaving a trace! 

When not sewing I'm a very keen gardener and my husband jokes that I live outside! I also love dogs and you can meet my beloved beagle Betty in the shop.

Hi I'm Jola...

I have been making clothes since I was a teenager and when I left school I trained in dressmaking for 6 years, I then worked in clothes manufacturing for many years until 2006 when I came to the UK . Here I expanded into alteration and tailoring work, which I think can be more complex than dressmaking. I love working with my hands and find it very soothing. I have always made clothes for myself and my family and friends.


I specialise in women's clothing, in particular evening and wedding dresses and working with delicate fabrics.


My favourite bit about my job is probably interacting with our clients, finding out their requirements and then creating exactly what they want or need.


In my spare time I am a very keen baker and cook and I like trying out new baking recipes. I also love to read, especially books on health, wellness and psychology.

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